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Mining Rail “Applications”1x HPV 210-02 CAF Displacement size from 55 to 280 cc Variable pumps for closed circuit operation Learn More “Applications”6x HMV 75-02 E6 Displacement size from 55 to 280 cc Variable displacement motors for closed and open loops Learn More “Applications”6x HMV 75-02 E6 Displacement size from 55 to 280 cc Variable displacement motors for closed and open loops Learn More
Mining Rail


1x HPV 210-02 CAF (pump)
6x HMV 75-02 E6 (motors)


  • does not require electronics
  • maintains constant speeds precisely
  • excellent continuity of movement
  • good availability


  • freely selectable charge pump
  • one CA module, even for several drive pumps in different railcars

Machines that are primarily used for driving and transport benefit most from the unrivalled feel of LinDrive. When used in the mining locomotive shown here, a drive unit in a closed hydraulic circuit with a diesel speed-dependent pump displacement CA is recommended. This offers a high safety standard for driving and stopping due to a reliable pump neutral position when idling and due to activation and shut-off of the control signal at defined diesel speeds.

The high setting forces in the pump controller ensure precise control in any operating mode. After smooth starting, the pump goes on stroke without delay and the drive accelerates the vehicle dynamically with optimum utilisation of the installed power. During deceleration, the drive is supported by the diesel, generating a continuous, moderate retardation through to standstill. In order to use slopes, the motors and the pump can be swivelled to zero. In the event of unwanted rolling back, even a minor speed increase returns the machine to a standstill and subsequent fine-touch driving.

The configuration shown here uses several motors in order to set the hydraulic power in motion. These ensure high climbing capability with full loads and higher speeds with empty loads. A CAF block, which governs the diesel speed dependency of the pumps, can also control several pumps, which means that longer trains with multiple railcars or more motors are possible.

The choice of motor type depends on the required vehicle characteristics. Using regulating or variable motors with or without pressure regulation affects the drive characteristics accordingly. High levels of robustness and long service life are therefore guaranteed for each configuration thanks to the proven construction qualities and excellent qualities of the series 02.

Mining Rail


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