Bagger Hydraulik

With many years of experience the company has established itself as a leader in the field of repair and maintenance of hydraulic systems on construction and agricultural machinery.

The company Bagger Hydraulik-2 Ltd. is 100% private ownership and was established in 1990 as a sole trader Bagger Hydraulik – Hristo Baykov. In May 1996 it was newly registered in Bagger Hydraulik-2 Ltd. With over 15 years experience the company has won recognition as the leading factor in the field of repair and maintenance of the hydraulic systems of mobile and industrial machinery.

In 2004 the company was recognized as an Official Representative and authorized Service partner of Linde Hydraulics for Bulgaria. Our warehouse keeps a large selection of spare parts and complete hydraulic units of Linde Hydraulics and other manufacturing companies. According to the documentation of Linde Hydraulics we have created the biggest test bench with capacity of 280 kW, where we can test and adjust the hydraulic units according to the producer’s specifications.

The main activities of Bagger Hydraulik - 2 are following:

  1. Distribution of the whole product range of Linde Hydraulics;
  2. Engineering of hydraulic systems with Linde products;
  3. Consultations to the purchasing of new hydraulic units of Linde Hydraulics;
  4. Repair or overhauling of all kinds of hydraulic pumps and motors in open and closed circuit (axial piston pumps and motors, vane pumps, radial piston pumps and motors), valve technology, swing drives etc.
  5. Quality testing on our own test bench with capacity of 280 kW. Testing and adjustment of technical data of the hydraulic units according to the manufacturer’s specifications. After testing – a document with measured values;
  6. Overhauling of hydraulic cylinders;
  7. Warranty and after warranty service;
  8. Period of warranty: 6 months after commissioning ;
  9. Mobile customer service team, equipped with a portable test bench for data evaluation of the systems and importation in digital form directly on site (to customer’s wish - removal, installation and start-up operations).

About Us

Bagger Hydraulik - 2 Ltd
Proslav district, 3 Zhasmin Str.
4015 Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Tel.: +359 32 240033
Service manager: +359 885 899 692
Assistant: +359 885 899 691

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