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Walking Excavator “Applications”1x HPR 105 E1L + 1x HPV 75 - 02 E2 Open Circuit PumpSelf-regulating pump for open loop operation & variable pumps for closed circuit operation Learn More “Applications”2x VW14M3 Load sensing directional control valveLSC Monoblock Learn More “Applications”1x HMV 75 - 02 Travel Circuit Motor Variable displacement motors for closed and open loops Learn More “Applications”1x LINC 2, CEB 16 Electronic Control Unit Linde Electronic control units of the LINC series feature high mechanic and electric robustness Learn More
Walking Excavator

Linde Standard Product Portfolio

7 t - 12 t

Application Example

9.8 t


1x HPR 105-02 E1L (open circuit pump)
2x VW14M3 (directional control valve monoblocks)
1x HPV 75-02 E2 (travel circuit pump)
4x HMV 75-02 (travel circuit motor)
1x LINC 2, CEB 16 (electronic control unit)


  • most compact dimensions of hydraulic components
  • high performance electronic controller for simultaneous actuation of open and closed circuits

LSC is versatile and compact. Special machines require special systems. If maximum power is needed in different environments and tight spaces, Linde components pack a lot of punch despite their small size.

Thanks to the 21° swash angle technology, series 02 self-regulating and variable displacement pumps are among the most compact on the market. Because they can be used in tandem configurations and have a special housing with an SAE clutch bell, the two can be connected quickly and they save space in the machine room where every centimetre counts.

The motors of the drive unit are also exceptionally space saving: the plug-in housing means they are positioned directly at the wheels, ensuring smooth driving.

Boom, stick, bucket, telescopic arm, hoist gear, outriggers, and much more: to position the directional control valves perfectly in the machine, despite their large numbers, they are distributed across two separate control plates. Their monoblock design stands out thanks to its high level of integration. Several directional valve sections are combined with additional functions such as the pressure limitation in one compact cast housing. The electronic control unit of this machine deserves particular attention since it controls the key functions in the open circuit as well as the drive components of the closed circuit.


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