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Beet Harvester “Applications”1x HPV 280-02 E2 Displacement size from 55 to 280 cc Variable pumps for closed circuit operation Learn More “Applications”2x HMV 165-02Displacement size from 55 to 280 cc Variable displacement motors for closed and open loops Learn More “Applications”1x HMV 135-02 Displacement size from 55 to 280 cc Variable displacement motors for closed and open loops Learn More “Applications”1x Electronic control unit For open and closed loop applications Linde electronic control units of the linc series feature high mechanic and electric robustness Learn More
Beet Harvester

Linde Standard Product Portfolio

250 kW – 500 kW

Application Example

400 kW, 30 t, tractive effort 160 kN, ground speed 22 kph


1x HPV 280-02 E2 (Propel drive)
2x HMV 165-02 (Propel drive)
1x HMV 135-02 (Propel drive)
1x Electronic control unit


  • low soil compaction
  • intelligent distribution of tractive effort


  • with and without bunker
  • articulated joints, permanently offset axles, asymmetrical design
  • hydrostatic systems for auxiliary drives like choppers, transport belts, etc.

It’s all about high-performance harvesting. Multi-purpose harvesting machines, with and without bunkers, quickly and efficiently perform what used to be arduous manual work. For the farmer, the number of rows, the bunker volume, the harvesting and turn-round speeds are important. It’s essential at all times to ensure good harvesting quality and to avoid compacting the ground, irrespective of how quickly the machine progresses.

Machine manufacturers need hydraulic drives which enable the enormous performance of the machine and help to relieve stress on the driver. Thanks to the wide range of pumps and motors, hydrostatic systems from Linde are suitable for equipping each and every type of harvesting machine. The drive concept is optimised in each case to suit the numbers of harvesting rows, axles and wheels, and the engine power class of the machine.

The design example shows an HPV 280-02 driving three HMV-02 variable motors in parallel. Two of these, each with 165 cc maximum displacement transmit the torque via the gearbox directly to the propulsion wheels. The third motor with 135 maximum displacement drives the twin tyres, which are offset within the travel path, via a T-axle. The motors can be controlled independently of each other. This allows tight turning circles, without any of the wheels spinning.

Beet Harvester


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