Bagger Hydraulik
Feller-Buncher “Applications”2x HPV 105-02 E1 Displacement size from 55 to 280 cc Variable pumps for closed circuit operation Learn More “Applications”2x HMV 165-02 Displacement size from 55 to 280 cc Variable displacement motors for closed and open loops Learn More “Applications”1x HPR 210-02 E1L Displacement size from 55 to 165D Self-regulating pump for open loop operation Learn More “Applications”1x HPR 75-02 LP Displacement size from 55 to 165D Self-regulating pump for open loop operation Learn More “Applications”1x HMR 165-02 Displacement size from 55 to 210 cc Self-regulating motors for open and closed circuits Learn More “Applications”1x VT1 Load sensing directional control valveLSC VT Modular Learn More “Applications”1x VW12M3 Load sensing directional control valve LSC Monoblock Learn More “Applications”1x Electronic control unit For open and closed loop applications Linde electronic control units of the linc series feature high mechanic and electric robustness Learn More

Linde Standard Product Portfolio

150 kW – 400 kW

Application Example

220 kW, 30 t


2x HPV 105-02 E1 (Propel drive)
2x HMV 165-02 (Propel drive)
1x HPR 210-02 E1L (Self-regulating pump
for working hydraulics)
1x HPR 75-02 LP (Self-regulating pump
for saw drive)
1x HMR 165-02 (Self-regulating motor for
saw drive)
1x VT1 (Main control valve MCV)
1x VW12M3 (Control valve at processor)
1x Electronic control unit


  • very compact units
  • precision control
  • partially automated workflows


  • wheel-driven variants
  • propel drive in open circuit
  • scalable level of electrification, LSC functions even with purely hydraulic actuation of valve sections

Linde components are robust, field-tested and designed for a long service life even in heavy duty applications. The example design depicts the propel drive system in a closed circuit, which provides precise, controlled directional stability and wear-free steering, especially with regard to soil protection. The saw is driven by a separate drive in an open circuit. The other machine functions are realized using a LSC valve block which distributes exactly the demanded flows.

Thanks to the parallel architecture of the LSC System and the block's modular design, based upon infrastructure modules and sub plate-mounted valves, one MCV provides a common basis for differently equipped machines. In a machine with an open circuit drive system design the other components do not change greatly: The MCV block can simply be extended with the required valve sections and pump fittings if necessary. The rest of the components remain the same, which simplifies storage and reduces the training requirements of service personnel.

Beyond that, the modular design offers the ability to customise machines even in the field.

Thanks to the LSC system, no actuator stops unexpectedly or reacts unpredictably when the system's demand exceeds the diesel motor power. Keeping the actuator responses proportionally identical makes the machine safe to control in any situation. LSC also prevents open circuit propel drive systems from unforeseen turning due to obstacles such as tree stumps. If an obstacle causes the system pressure on the drive side to increase, the oil does not flow to the other side - both drivetrains continue running at the same speed.

A layer-brazed valve block distributes the volume flows in the processing head. It is characterised by an extremely compact design and excellent electro-hydraulic actuation behaviour. Linde is also the perfect partner for other forestry machines, as well as wood processing and handling machines.



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