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Wheel Loader “Applications”1x HPV 75-02 E2 + 1x MPR 50 Displacement size from 55 to 280 cc & Medium pressure for heavy duty operation Variable pumps for closed circuit operation Learn More “Applications”1x HMV 105-02 E6 Displacement size from 55 to 280 cc Variable displacement motors for closed and open loops Learn More “Applications”1x VW 12M3 LSC Valve Technology Working hydraulic valves Learn More “Applications”1x Pedal Potentiometer joystickstabilized voltage supply 5 V-15 V, spring-centred, suitable for armrest mounting Learn More “Applications”1x LINC 2/50 For open and closed loop applications Linde Electronic control units of the LINC series feature high mechanic and electric robustness Learn More
Wheel Loader

Linde Standard Product Portfolio

3 t - 15 t

Application Example

6.5 t


1x HPV 75-02 E2 (travel pump)
1x HMV 105-02 E6 (travel motor)
1x MPR 50 (working hydraulic pump)
1x VW12M3 (working hydraulic valves)
1x LINC 2 (electronic control unit)
1x Pedal


  • maximum energy efficiency thanks to optimized components with intelligent system coordination
  • high machine availability owing to minimum, plannable service times thanks to heavy-duty units with a long service life
  • low tyre and brake wear due to hydrostatic drive


  • retarder function on the MPR
  • hydraulic start-stop function with auxiliary hydraulic accumulator and MPR as starter motor
  • larger wheel loaders without hydrostatic drive unit benefit from Linde HPR self-regulating pumps and LSC valve technology in the working group and a hydrostatic fan drive

Optimised components are often not enough to help realise ambitious targets when it comes to fuel savings. Real savings potential can only be achieved if the system components are perfectly coordinated with each other and work as one overall system. The sample configuration of a wheel loader demonstrates this.

Measurements with a comparable truck (5 t forklift truck) based on VDI cycle 2198 show a fuel saving between the standard version and the optimised version of up to 21% in the partial load range and 15% in the full load range. A saving of 20% in the long-term field trial shows that it is already possible to achieve ambitious targets today.

The entire truck is controlled by LINC 2, a new-generation electronic control unit. All components are precisely set to the respective load situation in order to achieve the best possible performance with minimum fuel consumption. The use of a variable displacement pump rather than a fixed displacement pump for the working hydraulic is pivotal here. The MPR 50 is a medium-pressure pump that boasts the service life properties of Linde high-pressure pumps. Designed for heavy use, it ensures high machine availability thanks to precise, load-independent electrical control with position feedback and a compact build that means minimum service times. Compared to medium-pressure load-sensing pumps, it has greater overall efficiency, better cold start behaviour and integrated pulsation damping.

The integrated feed pump uses the suction connection of the medium-pressure pump, which saves having to use a separate suction line. It is pressure-proof and suitable for fan operation. As such, the pump assembly consisting of HPV, MPR and gear pump is extremely short. The monoblock VW12M3 in layer-technology offers further optimisations in the working hydraulics. This allows optimised channel clearance with no dead areas or turbulence, while allowing larger internal cross-sections with less loss than a standard valve block with the same dimensions.

Wheel Loader


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