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Wheeled Excavator “Applications”1x HPR 210 - 02 E1L SPU Displacement size from 55 to 165Dself-regulating pump for open loop operation Learn More “Applications”1x HMF 75 - 02 PWith integrated swing drive functions fixed displacement motors with integrated swing drive functions Learn More “Applications”1x HMR 135 - 02Displacement size from 55 to 210 cc self-regulating motors for open and closed circuits Learn More “Applications”1x VT5 Load sensing directional control valve LSC VT Modular Learn More “Applications”1x LINC 1 For open and closed loop applications Linde Electronic control units of the LINC series feature high mechanic and electric robustness Learn More
Wheeled Excavator

Linde Standard Product Portfolio

12 t - 28 t

Application Example

20 t


1x HPR 210-02 E1L SPU (working hydraulics)
1x HMF 75-02 P (swing drive motor)
1x HMR 135-02 (travel motor)
1x VT5 (directional control valves)
1x LINC 1, CEB 16/50 (el. control unit)


  • intuitively operated universal machine
  • social flow distribution
  • fatigue-free working
  • minimal pulsation


  • single-circuit or multi-circuit systems
  • adjustable behaviour via speed controls
  • adjustable start of movement, regardless of A or B side
  • hydraulic or electrohydraulic actuation
  • LSC+

The LSC system is intuitive and efficient. All machines with LSC feature sensitive and intuitive operation. The excavator shown, which is versatile and suitable for use in different situations, greatly benefits from this technology. Thanks to the compensation of the load influences, the machine response is always the same, regardless of which functions are operated at the same time and even if the valves are not arranged on the same control plate, as shown in this example with a swing drive motor with integrated directional control valve.

A single LS signal is enough for all actuators. As such, the driver never has to make any post-adjustments and can always concentrate fully on the task at hand. The machine is highly sensitive with continuous movements and does not experience any jerking, even at the start of movements. The directional control valves do not open the paths until the pump pressure matches the load pressure. This means the load at the start of the function does not lower. Thanks to the social flow distribution, no actuators are stopped when the system is at full capacity.

As such, even challenging tasks can be completed without any post-adjusting or interruption of the movement sequence. High workloads are possible thanks to the system dynamics with fast response pumps. This does not compromise on efficiency because the LSC system saves fuel compared with other concepts, even in the partial load range.

The operation is not the only reason that working with the machine is a pleasure; one of the best features of the pump is the SPU silencer. This reduces pressure pulsations in the hydraulic system, thereby reducing the vibrations and noise emissions of the overall machine. This means that the excavator is comparatively quiet, which benefits not only the operator, but also the environment; something that is particularly useful in residential areas. Unlike other solutions, the SPU works across the entire typical speed range of the prime mover, reducing the pulsations of an open circuit almost to the level of a closed circuit.

Wheeled Excavator


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