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Dozer “Applications”2x HPV 135-02 E1 Travel Circuit Pumps Variable pumps for closed circuit operation Learn More “Applications”2x HMV 280 - 02 E1 Travel Circuit Motors Variable displacement motors for closed and open loops Learn More “Applications”1x HPR 75 - 02 LPWorking Hydraulics PumpSelf-regulating pump for open loop operation Learn More “Applications”1x VW14M3 Load sensing directional control valve LSC Monoblock Learn More “Applications”1x LINC 2, CEP 14 For open and closed loop applicationsLinde Electronic control units of the LINC series feature high mechanic and electric robustness Learn More “Applications”1x Joystick Potentiometer joystick Stabilized voltage supply 5 V-15 V, spring-centred, suitable for armrest mounting Learn More

Linde Standard Product Portfolio

8 t - 70 t

Application Example

22 t


2x HPV 135-02 E1 (travel circuit pumps)
2x HMV 280-02 E1 (travel circuit motors)
1x HPR 75-02 LP (working hydraulics pump)
1x VM14M3 (working hydraulics)
1x LINC 2, CEP 14 (electronic control unit)
1x Joystick


  • hydrostatic drive system without splitter gear box and manual gearbox
  • infinitely variable
  • precise, controlled even travel
  • wear-free steering
  • extremely robust and durable series 02 units
  • high thrust performance
  • precise results
  • low consumption

The robustness and durability of all series 02 components makes them a reliable drive technology solution for heavy machinery in the toughest conditions, as demonstrated by this example of a bulldozer. In addition, Linde components also help you to realise ambitious targets when it comes to fuel consumption and ease of operation, even at full load.

The machine operator simply sets the desired speed with the joystick and the electronic controller ensures even, straight travel. A control circuit has been developed for this purpose, as the following diagram shows. Two identical drivetrains consisting of a variable displacement pump and a variable motor each supply one side of the bulldozer. The speed of the motors is constantly monitored by speed sensors. If different ground conditions, obstacles, and other factors require an adjustment to the rotational speed or torque, the relevant units are controlled in relation to the current situation and the speeds of the two drivetrains are coordinated.

Individual control of the drivetrains also allows precise turning curves to be achieved, right through to turning on the spot without increased risk of wear to the brakes or chain.The motors are extremely robust when it comes to rapid angular acceleration, which makes them immune to tracks which skip a tooth on the sprocket.

Thanks to the large spread of the hydrostatic power train, there is no need for a manual gearbox and the machine can be driven stepless from standstill through to high speeds. The optimal traction means that thrust performance is always constantly high, even during cornering. Fuel consumption is comparatively low, even at full load. The high efficiency level of the hydrostatic drive units and an electronic power limit control ensure the diesel motor is working at favourable operating points all the time.



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