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Combine Harvester “Applications”1x HPV 105 - 02 M1R Displacement size from 55 to 280 ccVariable pumps for closed circuit operation Learn More “Applications”1x HMF 105 - 02 Displacement size from 28 to 135 ccFixed displacement motors for open and closed circuits Learn More
Combine Harvester

Linde Standard Product Portfolio

100 KW - 500 KW

Application Example

155 KW, 18 t, tractive effort 85 KN,
ground speed 25 kph


1x HPV 105 - 02 M1R (Propel drive)
1x HMF 105 - 02 (Propel drive)


  • sensitive and precise machine control
  • quick and reproducible machine response
  • robust and durable

A harvesting machine which is reliably available throughout the entire harvesting season, which is built on robust technology and whose operation is intuitive and easy to learn, even for varying operators - in many places, this is exactly what is needed.

The design example shows such a combine harvester, driven by a 155 KW diesel engine with an HPV 105 - 02 pump with a mechanical hydraulic controller. It delivers oil to a fixed displacement motor with 105 cc displacement, mounted to a 3-speed gearbox with varying gear rations for harvesting, field travel and road travel.

A Bowden cable provides a mechanical link between the control lever in the operator's cabin and the controller of the variable displacement pump. The machine response is completely in the driver's hands. He can virtually ignore the load on the machine and the steepness of the terrain. Like all Linde controls, the M1R mechanical hydraulic control operates independently of the load. The same lever position produces the same machine response. The machine is operated intuitively.

Combine Harvester


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